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The Threekit Treble JS API




await window.threekit.treble.saveConfiguration();


await window.threekit.treble.takeSnapshots(cameraList, snapshotsConfig);

The takeSnapshots function is used to capture snapshots of the user's current configuration. It returns a Promise that resolves to the defined output.

The function can be provided a list of cameras if you need snapshots from multiple angles. You are also able to specify how you want the snapshot outputted depending on your requirements, for example a url if you need to share the image or a dataUrl if you'd like to display it in an <img> tag.

arg: cameraList

type cameraList: string | undefined | Array<string | undefined>

The first argument in the takeSnapshots - camerasList - is where you specify the camera you want the snapshots to be taken from. The argument accepts a single camera name (string | undefined) or an array of camera names (Array<string | undefined>), where the camera names are strings and the current camera (and current position) are identified by undefined.

As such calling the function without the cameraList argument (window.threekit.treble.takeSnapshots()) or setting it to undefined (window.threekit.treble.takeSnapshots(undefined, snapshotConfig)), will return a snapshot from the users current view.

arg: snapshotConfig

const snapshotConfig = {
// Default -> `_camera`
attributeName?: string
// Default -> 'blob'
output?: 'url' | 'download' | 'dataUrl' | 'blob' | 'file'
// Default -> 'png'
format?: 'png' | 'jpeg'
// Default -> { width: 1920, height: 1080 }
size?: { width: number; height: number }
// The filename should not include the format extension
// that will be automatically appended.
// Default -> 'snapshot'
filename?: string

Note: If you are providing are providing a snapshotConfig you will have to pass in the camera list as the first argument to the takeSnapshots() function.

The snapshotConfig is optional.


The takeSnapshots function returns a Promise. If the you selected download as your output for the snapshots, the returned promise will not return a value when it resolves. In all other instances, the Promise will resolve to return an array with each item is a single snapshot in defined output datatype (blob | file | dataUrl | url).

The order of snapshots in the array will match the order they were defined in the cameraList array passed into the function. If only no value or a single value was provided for the cameraList then the output array will only have a single item - the snapshot from the users current view.


//  snapshostUrls variable will contain an array with two
// URLs of an image from the user's current view and one
// from the 'dimensions-camera', respectively
const snapshotUrls = await window.threekit.treble.takeSnapshots(
[undefined, 'dimensions-camera'],
{ output: 'url' }


The wishlist is a local browser cached Wishlist.


await window.threekit.treble.wishlist.getWishlist();

The wishlist.getWishlist will return the user's wishlist.


await window.threekit.treble.wishlist.addItem();

The wishlist.addItem function will add the users current configuration to their wishlist.



The wishlist.removeItemByIdx removed a single item from the user's wishlist. The item to remove is specified by passing in its index in the wishlist array into the function.



The wishlist.clearWishlist clears out all items from the user's wishlist.